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Look around you. What do you see? Rooms? Walls? Furniture? Do you understand that your home is much more than it used to be?

Your home is a sacred space that has always welcomed family and friends. From the moment you arrived, it has protected you, your thoughts, your dreams. With this new thought in mind, look around once what do you see?

Look at the kitchen. It's not just any old kitchen. Rather, it's where new ideas come to life by testing something new, discovering your talents, and getting together with your family (or maybe Facetime with them).

The dining room is not simply a place with a fancy table and chairs. It is a lovely space of connection, nourishment, and sharing.

You may also notice the living room is not merely a physical space with a beautiful sofa and a TV. This place is where we feel and reflect about life, cry when we are moved emotionally, and discuss ideas. It is the place of rest, the unexpected nap, relaxation after a hard day's work. The living room is also a favorite place to be because it is where your children spread their papers, grab their crayons, and create new drawings and games.

The bedroom is no longer just the room for a bed. It is the area that welcomes us and helps us rest and be ready for the next day to come. This place allows us to be ourselves, in silence, in peace.

Suddenly, the so-called mess room has become your home office. Now you work, play, and cook all together and start paying attention to the details: the disorder, the smells, the colors, the happiness in every corner of your home.

Your home is more than a house!

At Fresh and Cozy, we know your home is and always will be an extension of who you are. With each interior project, we seek to understand how to give life to our customers' desires, dreams, and personalities. For us, your home is everything. Your home is your story. We invite you to learn more about us and how we can make your home more loving, fresh, and cozy!

#myfreshandcozyhome #yourhomeiseverything #yourhomeisyourstory

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